Kenan Demirel was born on the tenth of August in 1983. He grew up on the lower east side of Izmir. In 2008 he graduated in Public Relations and Advertising from Izmir University of Economics. During graduate education, he decided to go to Istanbul where his career expectations would have been made. Upon arriving to Istanbul he attended “Advertising Summer School” to get a break in advertising sector. Along with his deftly paced project of personal branding, he gained an internship at Y&R advertising agency. This was actually the revolutionary and life-changing moment of his career. When he first came to the attention of the advertising agency, it was all too easy to tag him as a “passionate boy” and a copywriter of not much depth. Moreover, the rest of the agency did not acknowledge his talent, possibly out of jealousy and storyboarding. Later on, he interned at TRT (The State Media Company of Turkey) in the department of Advertising, Public Relations and Protocol. He did not have a large part in this internship. Upon graduation from Izmir University of Economics he joined No:1 Public Relations, Advertising and Communication Agency as a project manager. He accepted that job because he felt to really stand out as a manager for strategy, planning and research concerning social projects. This has indeed been only starting point of his professional career which, however, lasted six months. Right after the completion of this job, there was compulsory situation to do one of two choices, either enlisting military or doing master abroad. When he was 27 he decided to move Germany for the Master’s degree in Media and Communication Science at Ilmenau University of Technology. More specifically, this degree was an another important point for his career, which led him to become more keen on research and methodology.

After 3 years in Europe he returned to Turkey for his military service. As a Sergeant he served to Turkish Land Forces Command (Ankara) for 5 months. After completion of this bounden duty he got a job at American Cultural Association Language School in which he worked as an English teacher. In the year of 2014 he took charged in Pınar Institute (Yaşar University) as a communication specialist and game manager at Mayn Games / T-Nations.  At present he is a PhD candidate in Communication Research at Ege University and Lecturer at Izmir University of Economics. In addition to these details, the prominent professions he recently has are as follows:

Title: Brand Manager
Areas of Specialization: Advertising, Social Media, Mobile Advertising, Self-Branding, Public Relations, Media Entertainment, Crisis Management, Communication Research.

Title: Researcher
Areas of Specialization: Social Psychology, Public Relations, Communication, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Scale Development.

Title: Lecturer
Areas of Speacialization: Public Relations, Persuasive Communication, Communication Science, Advertising, Call Center Management.